Yen Le (Vietnam)

Course :  Accredited Gemologist (A.G.)

Yen Le started her gemstone journey at the young age of seven while helping in her father’s gem store in Vietnam. She later became his business translator, learning invaluable first-hand knowledge of the gem trade. Eventually, encouraged by her father, she moved to Thailand to open a jewelry store and study at AIGS.

Yen describes her time at AIGS as the formative years of her career - “It was an amazing time! I was studying while also renovating my shop at the Jewelry Trade Center. Everyone at AIGS gave me full support to complete my courses. Knowing how gems are formed and diving into the wonderful world under the microscope not only gave me a strong foundation to identify gems, but also a great passion and appreciation for the work I do today.”

After several years in Bangkok, Yen returned to Vietnam to help the HAMANA Group, her family’s domestic mining company. At the same time, she continues to develop her personal brand LEYEN, a one-of-a-kind private sale bespoke jewelry line with events in Vietnam and around the world. Yen also plays an active role in several international organizations such as ICA Ambassador to Vietnam, Vice President of the Hanoi Gemstone Gold Pearl Trader Association and Director of the International Trade Center of Vietnam Gemstone Jewelry and Art Craft Association - VGJA.

“If I had to describe AIGS in a few words - caring, inspiring, sharing, encouraging and supporting. I believe AIGS gives students the opportunities to develop their strengths and achieve their dreams.”